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Marsha, the author of The Chill Grill

Marsha @ The Chill Grill

Hi, I’m Marsha and I’m a food fanatic.
I love food and everything that goes with it—the craving for something so specific that you can practically taste it, the urgency to satisfy the craving, the shopping for ingredients, the planning, the cooking, the plating, and of course, the eating!

Food, to me, is an experience; it’s not just a sit-down-and-get-it-over with chore. It begins in the clean and airy kitchen, continues with using beautifully designed cooking instruments and complex techniques, persists through the transformation of raw ingredients, wafts through heavenly kitchen aromas and culminates in the perfect plate!

Yes, I love food—lip-smacking Indian food, and Italian and French cuisines that I’ve been in awe of for as long as I can remember. I love to travel and would love to sample road-side and ‘fine dining’ specials from across quaint towns and famed cities.

With my love for food came the need to cook it. After trying and testing my many attempts on my husband, Ally, who’s my favourite guinea pig, my best critic and also the creator of this website (Allyscope Design Studio), I’ve finally decided to share my recipes, my trials and triumphs and my food journeys with you through ‘The Chill Grill’ (which I hope is the first step towards my dream kitchen).

I hope you enjoy reading through this website as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to contribute, share, make suggestions, and correct me to make this something we can all cherish, share and use.

Eat, sleep and make merry,


2 comments on “Who’s Cooking

  1. hubert March 17, 2015 12:29 pm

    Pls share some of yor recipes i wll appreciate (a french one)

    • Marsha March 17, 2015 1:30 pm

      Hi Hubert! Glad to know that you’re looking for more of our recipes … we have a website full of them (http://www.thechillgrill.co.in); not too French at the moment, unfortunately. Do check back – we’re sure to work on something French soon enough 🙂

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